GLS Real Estate aims to invest against the market and in opportunities where we can act quick with no bureaucracy and create value through active ownership. GLS Real Estate is a large investor within real estate and are also among the largest investors in several listed and unlisted companies, from start-ups to mature companies. The company has historically focused on investment within real estate, infrastructure, energy and technology in the Nordics, but has a broad mandate and a large investment universe.



Bredmyra 4, Sarpsborg

3 873 sqm

Svelvikveien 59, Drammen

37 000 sqm ocean front plot

Garver Ytterborgsvei 98, Oslo

5 450 sqm

Literbuen 4, Copenhagen

8 170 sqm

Roskildevej 5, Copenhagen

9 300 sqm

Deliveien 4, Vestby

3148 sqm

Værftsvej 4, 4B, 16, 20
Køge, Denmark

50%/50% owner with Relog
57 413 Sqm building
185 000 Sqm Plot